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Kelly. 19. Fan De Paramore y Tegan And Sara (T-Teamer)

Happy 24th birthday, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson! (born 15th April 1990)


Santana Lopez’s low opinion of herself breaks my heart on the daily. 

Naya Rivera for Complex Magazine - hq Outtakes



Stupid Man : How old are you?

Sara : I’m eighteen.

Stupid Man : What do you know about love?

Sara : What does that mean?

Stupid Man : What do you know about love? All the songs you’ve played today were about love. What could you possibly know about love at eighteen years old?

Sara : A lot, motherfucker.

x (Credits : Ktaana)

saras sweet little voice in this completely slays me + the use of “motherfucker”

Happy birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart (April 9th, 1990)
"My greatest joy? You know, that’s a hard thing to measure. You know, when I feel like I’m up against something big and I need to live up to it. Like, if I find myself on a job that I really love. There’s really nothing that beats that. You’d literally sign your name in blood, do anything. That makes me very, very, very happy."



chvrches // gun

This band = perfection.

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